Webinar: Mark Hayley - Introduction to your mind

Milloin / When: Keskiviikko / Wednesday 7.12.2011 klo 19.00-20.00

Kuka / Who: Mark Hayley with Ilkka Koppelomäki

Kieli / Language: Englanti – Ei tulkkausta / English – No translation

In this webinar we have special guest from UK, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP Mark Hayley. He is one of the leading NLP Trainers in the World and has been closely working with co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.

Ilkka Koppelomäki, one of the licensed trainer's of NLP from NLP Academy International, will introduce you to Mark Hayley and they will together take you to a exciting trip to your thinking and behavior.

During the webinar

We will introduce you to NLP and we will have three main topics:

1. How you can change your believes?

- What you believe is how you experience your life. Your everyday life is full of believes of something. It may be something that you can do and can not do. It might be about possibility or impossibility. These believes can be changed. By changing believes that are limiting your life you can make your life better in this moment and you can make anything possible for you. This information that can change your life during this webinar!

2. How you can change learnt behavior and thinking?

- You have learnt to act in certain ways in your life. You have certain thinking patterns. You might not like all your behaviors and you wish to change them. In this part we find out how we can easily change unwanted behavior so that life is easier and we can enjoy life more.

3. How you can raise your self esteem?

- People tend to praise and treat others better than their selves. Strong self esteem makes life easier. Self esteem might go up or down in life. That is okay. Here is of the most powerful tools to boost your self esteem when you feel that you need to do so.

NLP suomeksi:

NLP™ on malli siitä miten aivomme toimivat. Miten opimme, ajattelemme, kommunikoimme, teemme päätöksiä ja motivoidumme. Meitä kiinnostavat mentaaliset strategiat taitavuuden, menestyksen ja esimerkiksi onnellisuuden taustalla ja miten voimme opettaa näitä mentaalisia strategioita muille. NLP™:tä voisi kuvata erinomaisuuden rakenteena ja aivojemme käyttöoppaana.

NLP™ on lyhenne englanninkielisestä käsitteestä Neuro-Linguistic Programming™

About Mark Hayley

Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™


Since 1998, Mark Hayley has used NLP to work with individuals, helping them affect personal change in many different areas of their life... ranging from eliminating unpleasant feelings, phobias and unwanted habits, to teaching people how to be at their best in almost all situations. Mark says: "I first began reading self-improvement books in 1986.

Over the next 12 years I read all of the major titles (literally) and enthusiastically persisted with the exercises that many of these books recommended. I made gradual progress and became more of who I was supposed to be and got more of what I wanted, although I felt that progress should be more definite and certainly faster. In January, 1998, I enrolled on a hypnotherapy and counselling course and progress was pretty good. As I began working my way through the required reading list, I noticed that there were books by a Dr. Richard Bandler on a topic called NLP. I read those books and that was it... I was hooked!

Predictable, effective and lasting change, and the process was fun! This is what I had been looking for. I knew I had to get first-hand experience by attending the next available workshop. I left the hypnotherapy and counselling workshop and attended the next NLP Practitioner course in London, England. It was September of 1998.

Over the next five years I attended many NLP and hypnosis workshops, all of them taught by people considered to be leaders in the field. I also attended ten of Richard Bandler's workshops, at various locations around the world.

I purchased and listened to, or watched (many times) almost all of the available audio and video products and most importantly, I practiced NLP a lot.  For example, from October, 1998 to January, 1999, I worked with ninety people - all of them outside of the workshop environment.

By the beginning of 2003, as driven as ever, I had gotten the opportunity to become a personal apprentice to Dr. Richard Bandler himself. This I did! I travelled around the world, attending all of the workshops and seminars, a total of 80+ in all!

I worked with all of the people I was directed to learn from, plus a few extra. I read all of the books I was directed to read, many of them on a surprising variety of topics, and I worked with hundreds and hundreds more people, inside and outside of the seminar environment.

The apprenticeship was a combination of a very intense, amazing personal enhancement program, and an in-depth methodology for working with individuals and groups for both remedial and generative change, utilising conscious and unconscious learning.

An incredible learning process that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated, an experience which I highly recommend! At the end of the five years, the apprenticeship was successfully completed... This is where the adventure moves to a different level.

My style of teaching may well be different to what you would expect. We have fun learning! (I believe strongly in the inalienable right of all to feel really good for no reason!)

What you learn is practical - we apply what we learn. There are plenty of demonstrations from me and exercises for you to do. Keep in mind that some of the example stories I use may have adult themes. I utilize humour as a powerful teaching tool, having realised that when people learn well they learn fast and they enjoy themselves. It may seem like a comedy club at times!

My skills and abilities have reached a new peak. I am going to share some of what I have learned, probably more than I plan to (past experience demonstrates that!) and I am now booked to teach a small number of seminars, in a few locations, whilst I look for an area or areas to base my workshops from.

Dr. Richard Bandler says: "Mark Hayley is thoroughly trained, highly skilled and very elegant with my most up-to-date teachings. I highly recommend him."

This Uskalla Innostua webinar is in entirely in English.