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Nettiseminaari: Attune to Abundance with Suvi Bowellan

A few years back the hit movie “The Secret” took the world by storm. It introduced us to the principles of the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires. It didn’t however explain some of the key elements to manifesting with consistent results. Most of us have experienced frustration in trying to use the law of attraction to our benefit. No matter how hard you visualize and work at it you don’t seem to be anywhere closer to your goal. Why is this?

Your life is comprised of the points of view you take on and the beliefs you have. Limiting beliefs and negative emotions will create a vibrational mismatch between what you desire and where you are at, and this can inhibit you from living your most authentic and fulfilling life. Fear of change will also block manifestations. You have to be willing to change, open to new possibilities and step out of your comfort zone in order to manifest what you desire.

In this webinar Suvi Bowellan, an energy specialist and coach will share the hidden ingredients to success. Suvi has been studying the principles of the law of attraction for the past 7 years and has taught them to well over a thousand people in Finland and Estonia. You will learn about the most common blocks to abundance and what you can do to start changing them not just on the surface level of your thinking mind, but on a deeper subconscious level. Be sure to reserve your seat and listen in on September 9th. There will be a surprise at the end for everyone listening the LIVE call. 

Watch the recording now - It will available for 5 days only!


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