The P Factor by Joseph McClendon III

Do you want to be a Great speaker?


The Art of Becoming a Great Speaker with Joseph McClendon III

“Imagine standing in front of an audience of thousands and speaking with confidence and conviction. Picture yourself being a dynamic and inspiring communicator. Imagine the audience actively listening to what you say, engaging with you and really ‘getting’ the key points in the information and the message that you are sharing with them. How awesome would that make you feel?” – Joseph McClendon III

When and where: November 14-16, 2014, Park Plaza, Victoria, London



Joseph McClendon III

Joseph McClendon III is a world-renowned motivational coach and public speaker. He has presented, spoken to and influenced more than 3 million people around the world. Joseph has spent the last three decades learning and acquiring new skills and techniques and has pursued a quest to perfect the art of becoming a master communicator. He has a presence and speaking technique which is formidable to behold.

If you have ever experienced Joseph McClendon III present then you know he has something special and unique.

Now for the first time, Joseph will share the secret to assist you in becoming not just a speaker, but will assist you in becoming a Dynamic, Effective Presenter.



So why now? Why spill the secrets?

Well Joseph recognises that for most people one of their greatest fears is that of public speaking. Over his career, Joseph has observed that so many speakers and coaches have spent thousands of dollars and many hours acquiring knowledge in their field, and yet find it challenging to communicate at a level which moves their audience to act upon what they teach.

Many times Joseph has heard his business partner say there are many people who have written a great book, but very few can emulate the stage presence, charisma and speaking style to truly deliver the message they want to convey. It’s a bit like owning a Ferrari, knowing how to drive it, but not having the key to start the ignition. It’s frustrating… Well here’s the good news.


It’s frustrating… Well here’s the good news.

Here is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most awesome speakers. Joseph has a proven track record in professionalism, effectiveness and expertise.

During the course of the seminar, you will learn the following skills and gain insight and knowledge in:

The Anatomy of a Presentation

The template of what it takes to be an elite speaker will be laid out to you in this eye opening session. Step by step, Joseph will explain the stagecraft and lay bare the foundation of what needs to come together for a world-class presentation.

Room Dynamics

An essential skill in becoming a world-class speaker is to have the ability to evaluate and adapt according to your environment. You will learn how to analyze the type of audience that you are speaking to and find out how the setup, the size of the room, the stage, AV lights etc, will affect how you come across and move the audience

Movement and Utilizing the Stage

Own the stage and you own the audience. An essential skill a world class speaker has, is that no matter how big the stage, the way they move and how the stage is set enables them to become ‘bigger’ than the platform they are presenting from.

Stage Presence

You learn from the moment you walk onto to the stage how to create an electric presence, and how to project yourself in a way which will create lasting admiration and respect.

Structure and Preparation

This is the backbone of an outstanding presentation. Joseph will teach you no matter what the topic, how to be entertaining, captivating and present in a simple interactive manner.

Influence Model

Joseph will lay open the template to become not just a speaker, but a speaker that will enable his audience to take action.


The success of any great speaker is how they motivate their audience to do what they present and teach them, whether it be to buy a mobile phone, follow a healthy lifestyle or become a part of their organisation.

Large Groups

Understand the dynamics of what is required to present, influence and communicate to a large audience.

Small Groups

This seminar is unique in the sense that you will be taught how to communicate whatever the size of your audience.

Content Creation

How to get your message across in a fun, simple interactive and credible manner. Delivery style: creation and modeling. Your audience will remember you, for how much they enjoyed the way they took in the information. Joseph will show you how to recognize and use your strength’s to present in a powerful and effective manner.


This is what will set you apart. To have the ability to recognize how alert your audience is during presentation. Whether they are taking on board the information you are giving to them and more importantly to set an end goal to gauge the success of your audience. How to capture your audience from the beginning and hold their attention to the very end. Imagine having the power to hold the attention of your audience no matter how long the session is. This is what will set you apart on your path to becoming a great speaker. Learn to set up your audience for success, before, during and after the presentation. You will learn how to create excitement and anticipation.

Energy Controls

Every great speaker has the ability to maintain the energy in the room. You will learn how to become a thermostat with the power to maintain energy at optimum levels.

Special Anchoring

This is different and unique and only really understood by a few elite speakers in the world. You will give your audience the ability to consistently act upon what has been taught, but more importantly see it as a pleasurable process.

Transformational Language

The language of a world class speaker this is where the message you are getting across will be seen as not information but inspiration. Learn to pre-frame and anchor your audience to their journey to success.


Over the course of 3 days, Joseph will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to turn you into a GREAT speaker.

We are confident, that by investing in this unique seminar you will learn to conquer your greatest fear and learn the skills needed to structure an event, have the confidence and conviction to speak in public, and present to an audience in a fun, educational and interactive manner.

Early booking price: 2950 € (2500 £, normal price 5000£).

Program is entirely in English. No translation.

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