H-Factor with Joseph McClendon III, Helsinki 26.5.2013


What is important in work, in relationships and in life? - Happiness.

How can increasing your happiness change everything about your  life? Joseph McClendon III, a global life transformation and practicing neuropsychologist, brings new tools and a fresh perspective to help you reach the next higher level of happiness. Joseph arms you with the tactics and techniques to think and grow rich, abundant, and happy relationships and businesses.


Let Joseph tell about the H Factor

In The H-Factor H stands for happiness.

Life transformation expert Joseph McClendon shows you why and how happy people:

  • Live longer
  • Have higher productivity
  • Attract people into their inner circle
  • Have less stress
  • Enjoy deeper relationships
  • Laugh more
  • Have better coping skills

This seminar is about happiness and how to become and be happy. It's about how you can be happier and how to help others to be happier at home or at work. Joseph will teach you how to get further faster in your life and business.

Get ready to learn! Joseph McClendon offers a prescription for happiness that will change your life forever!

The takeaway? Come with friends, family members or with your team. The best thing a leader can do for an organization is to create a culture that laughs. In H-Factor Joseph McClendon brings these truths to you in an informative, must-experience style that changes lives.

  • Find the keys to achieving your own personal happiness and make it your default
  • Discover five tools you can use every day to alter your world and increase your happiness
  • Learn how being happier leads to better health, longer life, more energy and better relationships
  • Attract abundance like a magnet using the science of happiness
  • Fill a prescription for happiness that will change your life forever!

Limited seats available - Book your place now! Special group prices also available. For more information, please call us on +358 10 6177 420 or e-mail us to

This seminar is entirely in English.

NOTE: Book VIP ticket to meet Joseph in a private lunch meeting for a small group.

Who is Joseph McClendon III?

Joseph McClendon III is a global leader in the peak performance field. His commitment to give back and assist others in achieving happiness within themselves has been the driving force in his career. As the senior head trainer for the Robbins Research International he has worked side by side with Anthony Robbins for over two decades, training individuals and teams. Joseph has authored two books with world-famous Peak Performance Strategist Anthony Robbins, including the bestseller Unlimited Power: A Black Choice. The newest book by Joseph is called Get Happy NOW.

Having performed hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, seminars and training programs, one on one therapeutic intervention,  McClendon is one of the most sought after “ultimate performance” coaches in the business. His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the challenge and effect rapid change makes him a unique commodity as a turn around specialist and success coach. Joseph brings to the table years of practical experience and technique. Well versed in presenting new material as well as his own brand of entertaining delivery, Joseph prides himself on holding himself to the same high standards that his company so elegantly is known for. He believes in getting the job done effectively, lovingly and tailored to each individuals needs. Joseph has previously been to Finland three times and now an enthusiastic group of dedicated fans are waiting for his fourth visit to Helsinki.


Date and place: 26 May, 2013 Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa Conference & Events Center

Sunday 26 May, 2013 at 9.00 am - 5 pm

9.00 am - 10.30 am Registration

10.30  The H-Factor seminar starts - Networking lunch, meet other participants and build your peer group (extra 9,90 € or 20 €) - Private VIP lunch with Joseph McClendon III (included in VIP tickets)

4.30 pm The H-Factor seminar finishes

5.00 pm latest closing of the event

Our seminar will be very intensive with one food break. Thus we want to offer you a possibility to enjoy a lunch buffet together with other participants and a change to network. During the seminar you can only buy brunch for 34 € or coffee 3,90 € and they are available in other building than the seminar venue. There are not cafes etc. available in congress center. Thus buy your lunch together with your seminar ticket latest by May 19.

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa Hotel Kalastajatorpantie 1, 00330 Helsinki, Finland



VIP tickets - Limited | 349 eur - FULL

  • including reserved seating in the front rows
  • VIP lunch with Joseph McClendon III, VIP lunch buffet included
  • Q&A with Joseph McClendon III during the VIP lunch
  • Get Happy Now -book by Joseph McClendon III

GOLD tickets | 149 eur - FULL

  • including Gold-seating
  • Possibility to attend Networking lunch (choose either +9,90 € Chef´s choice for sandwich or +20 € for lunch buffet) and build your peer group

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Recommendation by Anthony Robbins


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