Eric Edmeades in Finland

Video 1 - Can you see the icebergs in your business?

Have you started your own business and you thought that you will get more freedom and independence but you have found yourself working a lot more than average people? This is also what Eric went through and he will teach in this free video training important tools ideas how you can get more freedom in your business and life.

In this first video Eric tells you about icebergs that can be your destroyer OR one of your biggest possibility! Watch it now!


Video 2 - Step to your business freedom

Watch this video and you will learn important step that you can take right now to have more freedom in your business - Do the exercise and it will blow you towards your business freedom!


Video 3 - How to get more clients with less effort

Watch this video and do the two exercises on this video that will help you to get your business up.


Video 4 - Messaging

How do you separate your message from your competitors. Watch Eric and let him give you a very good example!


Who is Eric Edmeades?

Eric Edmeades is a international entrepreneur, author, business consultant and speaker. He is one the rare ones that really walks his talk.

Eric Edmeades is not only a great speaker, he is a solid entrepreneur with real business experience. He has owned businesses in several countries (England, Ireland, Canada, South Africa and America) and in a variety of industries including mobile computing, wireless networking, Hollywood special effects, film production, camera technologies and medical simulation.

Eric Edmeades in Finland


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