Important day for your business - DO YOU WANT MORE FREEDOM OR MORE PROFIT?

August 2013 is going to be an incredible month - For some of you, it is going to be one of the most important months of your business year!

Why? Because we are bringing international entrepreneur and one of Tony Robbins' featured speakers from Business Mastery to Helsinki at the end of August.

Who is Eric Edmeades?

Eric is a genuine, inpirational and energetic Speaker/Trainer. He will create a powerful shift in you…
— Mac Attram
Possibly one of the finest networkers you are likely to meet. Awesome Speaker.
— Thomas Power, Founder of Ecademy

Eric Edmeades is a international entrepreneur, author, business consultant and speaker. He is one the rare ones that really walks his talk.

Eric Edmeades is not only a great speaker, he is a solid entrepreneur with real business experience. He has owned businesses in several countries (England, Ireland, Canada, South Africa and America) and in a variety of industries including mobile computing, wireless networking, Hollywood special effects, film production, camera technologies and medical simulation.





In this workshop you will learn valuable things for your business and work:

  • How to massively increase your market share.
  • How to convert non-buyers into buyers and then raving fans.
  • How to attract the highest quality people around you.
  • How to get past the gatekeeper and reach the people you need to reach.
  • 3 common mistakes that create solid barriers to business success.
  • How your beliefs about wealth will govern your success; and how to improve them.
  • Who you really are in business and how to find your entrepreneurial flow.
  • The power of the mastermind; how to create real magic from the mastermind process.
  • A powerful three-stop process for doubling your sales.
  • Effective strategies for gaining free PR

"Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… Eric’s Business Freedom was VERY enlightening to an old school marketing maven…If you don’t shift with the trends, you will become a dinosaur!" - Julie Spiegel, Spiegel Burn Foundation


Let Eric tell you about this event and about business freedom (video 1/4)

Can you see the the icebergs in your business?

The next step to your business freedom (video 2/4)

Watch this video and you will learn important step that you can take right now to have more freedom in your business.


>> Watch the rest of the video serie here


Date and venue

August 27th, 2013 (tiistai 27.8.2013)

Registration 09.30 - 10.00 Event starts 10.00 (10 am) Event ends 17.00 (5 pm)

Restaurant Pörssi Fabianinkatu 14 00100 Helsinki



VIP Front seating (limited) | 199 EUR

  • Program
  • Lunch
  • Reserved seating in the front near the stage
  • Priority Access

GOLD | 150 EUR

  • Program
  • Lunch

No translation to Finnish - Entire event will be in English. During the event you will be also introduced to Anthony Robbins' Business Mastery.


I'm looking forward to see you at this event. I'm sure that you will get at least one idea that helps you to grow your business or helps you to make your work easier. This is not a event just for business owners but all that are that want to be in business or learn to think more business wisely.

You are warmly welcome!


Ilkka Koppelomäki,

Founder of Uskalla Innostua / Inner Strength Finland