Nyt ensimmäistä kertaa Suomessa - Brian Maynen iltaseminaari: The Science of Success

It is an ‘effect’ in life, work, sport that has specific ‘causes’. The principles of success can be studied, learnt and applied by anyone to help achieve anything.

The Science of Success teaches the fundamental principles of conscious creation;
an understanding of whole-brain function and how positive thoughts create ideas of innovation and stimulate the winning attitudes that empower our actions. This event also empowers people with ‘Goal Mapping’ a simple system for whole-brain activation and authentic success.

You become what you think about!

This core truth has been known throughout time and now science is understanding how it works. Your subconscious mind is enormously powerful but can’t make choices, it works like an auto-pilot and follows the strongest thoughts in the conscious mind.

Whatever the conscious mind concentrates on the subconscious mind accepts as the target and steers towards it.

The system works incredibly well.

Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping has not only changed the way my people work but in many cases has changed the way they lived.
— David Nicholson, Siemens

The challenge is that most people, are thinking too often, about what they don’t want, or even worse worrying about the things they fear, and commanding their subconscious autopilot to steer them into failure and self-sabotage.

Goal Mapping is a system for success that uses a unique combination of words and pictures to help activate the whole of your brain and command your subconscious-mind to move you towards the achievement of your goals.


  1. Surfing the Currents of Creation: Understand the principles of success and work ‘with them’ to find the natural flow towards the achievement of your dreams.

  2. Being Brilliant, Living Free: The self-synergy of whole-brain thinking, heart-centred living, and authentic action.

  3. Tools for Conscious Achievement: Find the Path of your purpose, map your goals to start journey, use your map every day to help you find your way.

Moni puhuja nostaa itsensä toisten yläpuolelle. Brian ei tee niin.
This course has put me on purpose and improved my means to give my gift to others. The material is the best I have ever seen.
— Kristyn Haywood, Goal Mapping Practitioner Australia

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Event details / Seminaarin tiedot

Date / Päivä: Tuesday / Tiistai 7.10.2014
Time / Aika: 18.00-21.00, registration starts 17.30
Venue /  Paikka: Astoria-sali, Iso Roobertinkatu 14, Helsinki
Language / Kieli: English / Englanti (ei tulkkausta)
Organizer / Järjestäjä: Uskalla Innostua -team 

Book your seat / Varaa paikkasi

General ticket / Peruslippu

Price / Hinta 60 € (incl. VAT. / Sis. ALV.)


Includes / Sisältää

- Front row seating (rows 1-2)  / Paikan edestä (rivit 1-2)
- Healthy snack included / Sisältää terveellisen välipalan
- Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping book / Brianin Goal Mapping -kirjan

Price / Hinta 120 €  (incl. VAT. / Sis. ALV.)